Our history

After 14 wonderful years decorating children's rooms, Marine, the founder of Pompon Cucu, is launching into accessories.

She first had a particular model in mind, after three years of dressing and decorating her son's head, she designed and made a first piece. Little poetry and mixture of two loves, the marine world and its baby.

It will become the star accessory, the one that will be the symbol of the brand, the sailor hat for toddlers.

Added to this is the boat hat inspired by the paper folding of childhood.

Pointed fabric hats, like party hats for events to be marked with a golden pebble.

And then a whole collection of vests and other accessories declined in the same spirit.

Because Pompon Cucu is a bit like the strawberry milk of childhood, a soft and classic base with a fun twist.

For the base, everything is prepared in a workshop by experienced seamstresses because shaping a hat is quite a job!

Then each piece will be decorated and finished by Marine's little fingers in her workshop in Paris.

And it is all this history and this know-how that we wanted to share with you, with unique, simple collections, in small quantities.

A walk in the sun, between the donut sky and the sea where you are all invited.